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Online Tutor Pro gives you a guarantee of excellence. TUTORS are a vital part of ensuring many students academic success. Finding a really great math tutor can be a challenge. Our Head Tutor tests any candidate for our exclusive Tutor Certification to make sure that our student-clients get the best tutor in the world.

These tests are the same tests YOUR students are being asked to pass. 

Online Tutor Pro’s Gold Standard of Tutoring Excellence really helps our student-clients.

How does this work?

As a normal by-product of our teaching method, the student-client begins to really grasp the material. And as part of the normal tutoring session, our student-clients are often required to clearly demonstrate their full comprehension of the material.

This evolving problem solving ability can sometimes mean that the student-client can now teach another student the same material.

This will generate a deeper sense of self-sufficiency in your student. It is these great moments of personal empowerment that help to shape the essence of the student’s work ethic and overall character.

Our program exists to help students thrive academically.
When your student is on a rising arc of academic success, it bodes well for their future well being

That is why the best math tutor can really help. Tutors that actually care about their student-clients, and help to inspire them to work smart, and to work with applied effort. Sort of like this simple formula: 

success = (applied effort) X (patient skilled tutor) 

The hard facts are that higher education leads to higher incomes, and greater stability over a lifetime. When you look at the graph and zero in on the STARK difference in lifetime earnings—the investment in your student getting the best tutor in the world will produce a trackable and very healthy Return On Investment.

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This study has been replicated year over year, and the relative ratios have remained constant. We cannot guarantee any specific income for our student-clients. There are too many variables at play in that type of equation.

We help you find the BEST TUTORS. Maybe you are looking for the BEST MATH TUTOR for your student. ONLINE TUTORING is a great solution.

The essence of our offer to you is supported by the results we get with our clients…and the results your student will get, too.

We help people to flourish and reach more of their true, full potential. The study habits that come from working with our proprietary academic excellence program will follow your student through life’s greatest learning challenges.


Here is how it works…in the form of a question, “Do you remember a teacher who really helped you to learn a subject? How about a teacher who inspired you…really ignited a fire inside you about a particular subject.”

Maybe it was in science. Or math. Perhaps it was a physics formula that was very useful to you, and helped you to solve some practical problem.

Chemistry is another subject that can be quite a challenge for some students. Chemistry can become a place of great theatre, revealing the part of the mystery of how our universe functions. But it can also be a place where you can completely “lose the plot.”

That’s where we come to the rescue.


By the simple application of our proven system of helping students to learn difficult material…and the multitude of online learning resources waiting for our student-clients…and their parents, too.

We discover what is the underlying knowledge gap that is making the disconnect for our client in whatever subject they need (and want) help with.

Then we do the necessary work to fill in the gaps. And once our client has the missing knowledge, and that part is making sense to them, this is when the rapid pace of active learning starts to happen.

Self-confidence about being able to actually solve problems and pass tests in a subject starts to go up. And this can really help to make all the difference.

It’s important for each student-client to be able to recognize and celebrate his or her success or achievement in relative rather than absolute terms. For some students passing a very difficult course represents a huge achievement and is worthy of celebration. For other students, achieving a B+ in a course they normally barely pass is a huge success, and is also worthy of celebration.

For other students, achieving a nearly perfect mark of 98% in a course and earning admission to one of the most prestigious universities in the country, the world, represents a huge success, and is of course worthy of recognition and celebration by the student and the parents.

For this reason, Online Tutor Pro focuses on the individual. We seek to accentuate the student-client’s strengths, and develop their weaknesses. We focus on the individual goals of every student-client and celebrate their unique achievements in the context of their goals and abilities.

We have found that respecting the individual and celebrating their achievements often leads to fundamental changes in the student-clients self-belief, motivation and work ethic.

Speaking from our position of being a tutor, we take pride and find joy in helping our student-clients succeed.

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