Online Tutor Helps With Physics and Math Problems

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My personal experience trying to find a really great online physics and math tutor for our child seemed to be a very difficult one. But we really needed to find an online tutor who would be a perfect fit for our precious bundle of joy.

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And yes, my wife and I first went to all the top websites to find a suitable tutor for our son. Personally, I was quite impressed with the websites, and all the top, qualified tutors waiting to help us out with our “problem.”

The problem?
Our son was seventeen years old, and was basically flunking out of math and physics class. And it wasn’t because our “child” was stupid. Maybe not enough targeted work was being done by my son. That is what I started to think was part of the problem. But I just didn’t know.

See, the thing was, I didn’t really know what my son’s disconnect was—because my school days are long gone, and I just don’t know the material our child has to know. So…I can’t sit down with our child, and do more than just frustrate him.

Do YOU Know What This Means?
(Because I sure don’t…and this is the simple stuff!)

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Okay, great. So we needed to find help, and get that help fast!

There I am, on these top-flight websites, and thinking that I have the problem well in hand. I am already preparing my “Father of the Year” speech. And I am yelling out to my wife the bits I am reading from the websites.

Stuff like, “Oh, this one sounds good. Listen to this: ‘Better grades guaranteed.'”

From time-to-time I hear her respond with  a muffled, “Hmmm…yes? Oh, hmmmmm…”

I can hear her fingers clicking away, and I JUST know she is online, checking it all out. Then she tells me, “Darling, did you check to see how they qualify their tutors to teach?”

I said something brilliant, like, “Huh? What?”

There are only so many really good online tutors out there. You might find this out the hard way. I know my wife and I did.

The importance of the tutor knowing the material inside-out cannot be overstated. Many tutors do not know the material that the student is learning in school. This is why Tutor Pro Online ensures strict testing of their tutors prior to placing them with your student. 

When I fully absorbed what this meant, I started to dive deep inside the belly of the online tutoring world. Very quickly I came to realize (as you will, too) that I better make sure the online tutor we did hire actually knew the material they were going to be teaching to our child.

The more I researched the process of quality control and the way tutors qualified to be online tutors in the first place—the more I wanted to write this article so that someone like you who is genuinely wanting to find the very best online tutor in the world for your own kid…will be able to use the guidelines I am setting out in this article for you.


There is ONLY ONE place online that actually tests tutors using the same tests that your child or almost-adult-child will be facing. I was totally blown away by this. You would think that would be an obvious prerequisite to being able to work as an online tutor.

PLUS the way the knowledge was being implanted into my kid’s head didn’t work for my kid. The learning style of each person is unique. And while there are many overlapping similarities, each student has a secret sort of key that can unlock the untapped reservoir of potential ability in ANY subject you care to mention, including the following:

  • Math
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • ESL

When the student gets down to work with a tutor, part of the magic that can happen is when the tutor KNOWS how to connect the knowledge with the learning style of the student.

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What I’ve learned is that the ability of the student is largely irrelevant. (You may want to read that sentence again.)

The ONLY essential ingredient that the student needs to bring to the table is this one: APPLIED EFFORT. This sometimes is translated as meaning that your student MUST do the work required that the tutor assigns to the student.

The best tutor in the world says all this in very plain language: “IF the student wants to raise their marks, HARD WORK is non-negotiable.”

I know that some parents are not going to like this idea of their kid having to sweat mentally…and many students would dearly love to just be able to download skill and knowledge in maths and physics directly into their mind in a quasi-Matrix like fashion. And short-cuts are GREAT, don’t get me wrong…after all, I am a man, I ought to know—BUT there comes a moment in time when my son will have to pass the tough tests to get into the school we want him to go to because this will mean a lot to his future success. And that is very important to me because I want him to support me in my old age.

I am just kidding (sort of.)

Here is the link to the best online tutor that I could find. Just click it and you’ll see.

Brad Wright, Concerned Parent